>> At the beginning of year 1901 the domiciled in Valparaiso trading outstanding in Viña del Mar, Mr. Jorge Borrowman Osman, suggested to create a Club in Viña del Mar, proposal that had numerous viñamarinos followers.

It was so the first formal meeting of the members of the rising Club was made the 19 of June of 1901, in the seat of the First Company of Firemen, headed by the provisory president, Don David Burns Burman. choosing itself in that opportunity to the members of the first Directory.

The 15 of October of 1901, the new social seat was opened, in the street large house Alvarez, rented to Don Roberto Baird. The construction was inaugurated with all the pomp that the occasion deserved.

The first years of the Club of Viña congregated in their accumulated halls to important the saltpeter, managers of shipping and banking companies, investors, retailers, cattle dealers, part of the national aristocracy that rested in the city, and to many neighbors who began to construct their houses in a valley that offered tranquillity, good rest and projection to them, benefitted by the vicinity of Valparaiso and the proximity with the capital.

After the catastrophic earthquake of the 16 of August of 1906, the Club of Vine was not left to the misfortune being its almost completely destroyed seat other people's. Months after the earthquake it was planned to raise a definitive seat for the Institution. With the aid of some citizen outstanding and men public, and the generous aid that granted some of the partners founders, the purchase of a land of privileged location was decided, next to the Railway station. Petri Santini known in Chile like Héctor entrusted itself to Ettore Petri, the design of which would be the Social Seat of the Club of Vine.

From 1907 to 1910 the works for the construction of the new seat of the Club which, when fulfilling his nine years of life, and under the presidency of admiral Juan M, Simpson Baeza who had collaborated in the institution from his original stage, had a monumental building of elegant neoclassic style, located of the city turned viñamarino symbol through time were made right in the center.


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