>> the Club of Viña del Mar tells on Agreements of reciprocity at national level international. In the country it has exchanges with Club of the Union of End Sands, Club Conception, Club of the Night love song, Club of the Union of Santiago.

At world-wide level we counted with hundreds of interchanges with clubs that grant true benefits to our partners who go by businesses or pleasing. Many of the exchange clubs count on services of hotel profession in addition to the traditional services that offer habitually, all it to disposition of our partners who at the moment for traveling will have to approach the secretary of the Club to receive the corresponding information of use, location and accreditations.

We invited You to sail in this page in which she will be able to visualize the different countries in which the Club of Vine of the Sea is credited in the world.


Plaza Sucre Viña del Mar Chile / Fono .: 56 - 32 - 680016 / e - mail : clubvina@vtr.net