>>The Traditional Bar of the Club, with its remarkable Bar that until today part of one of oldest forms and characteristic places of meeting of the partners that the traditional games of piece make there and dominated. It has a great chimney of six meters of height, and one sweeps of twenty meters in length, the one that according to the understood ones is bellla and better of Chile, all it causes that this noble covered hall wood is a warm place that welcomes the activities of its partners.

The Bar is like a respectable gentleman, almost venerable of long and pulcra beard, dresses in full dress but still in that majestic appearance, shines jovial, attractive and elegant, its impregnated walls of aromas to tobaccos and alcohol is the support of the traditional "World" cartoons Edmundo Searle to him, that they immortalize the most distinguished personages of the society that origin gave to the Club and to the city that lodges it. Their classic chesterffield, welcomes with their smoothness and their perfume to leather, completes the scene of this wonderful place.


Plaza Sucre Viña del Mar Chile / Fono .: 56 - 32 - 680016 / e - mail : clubvina@vtr.net