>> Its majestic access stairs from the front garden and its fancy columns crowned by volutes of Ionic order are the seal of a classic architecture, which is reflected in the symmetry of its wings embracing the central façade, with a tympanum crowning the entrance as if it was a Greek temple, along with its noble rectangular wooden windows, which are among the characteristic that give shape to the building. Building access is made up by a revolving and two lateral doors which help maintaining symmetry and balance of the measures which are proper to its architectural style.

Next to the foyer, you will find the old meteorological central which provided information to the farmers of the zone in the past. It consists of a rain gauge, a barometer, a hydrometer, and a barograph, in addition to its four fine pianos, and the collection of important wall and standing clocks, duly maintained by a specialized clockmaker, ensuring thus their perfect operation.

The library and the Great Hall, which is the heart of the Club, are located next to the foyer. The twoarm stairs lead to the second floor which lodgesmeeting rooms, big event rooms, private dining rooms, and the main dining room with its terrace, from where you may have a panoramic view of the Parish and both Sucre and Vergara squares.


Plaza Sucre Viña del Mar Chile / Fono .: 56 - 32 - 680016 / e - mail : clubvina@vtr.net